Current Projects

    Current Projects

  1. Article on Joanna Russ (in press)
  2. Book on Terry Pratchett (An Unofficial Companion to the Novels of Terry Pratchett (in press)
  3. Revised article on Jeff Noon for Cyberpunk anthology (need to answer a few queries)


  4. Chapter on Psychoanalysis for co-edited collection on Science Fiction (requires second draft)
  5. Co-edited collection on Science Fiction (contracted; editing in process)
  6. The Four Loons (needs further drafting; see second draft extract)
  7. Article on Queer YA fiction (type up and rewrite ICFA conference paper)
  8. Another co-edited collection on Science Fiction (contracted)

    Ideas and Contracts

  9. Book on seventies science fiction (proposal being drafted)
  10. Follow-up to The Four Loons (being plotted, 61,000 words drafted, see chapter one extract)
  11. Chapters on Iain M. Banks, Philip K. Dick and Jean Baudrillard for the other co-edited collection on Science Fiction (hey, leave me alone to think)
  12. Chapter on Postmodernism for pedagogy book (waiting for brief)
  13. Chapter on Psychoanalysis for secret collection (don't ask)
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